Build, Train, and Align Your Leadership Team

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Hello Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners,

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My name is Scott Drake. I'm an entrepreneur, technology executive, and an expert in building and training leadership teams. I didn't always have this ability, but after years of getting it wrong, I embarked on a five-year research project and invented a shortcut to get it right.

The Process

There are four things to get right when building and aligning your management team. I'll work systematically with your full management team to help everyone:

1. Promote or Hire the Right Managers

2. Get Comfortable Letting Go of Control

3. Adopt a Shared Management Playbook

4. Strategically Divvy Up the Work

Explore the Process

Avoid the "Promote and Hope" Mistake

Get a walkthrough of the four-step process in this free 20-minute micro-lesson.

Results You'll Achieve

Over the course of our work together, you should expect to:

Reduce dependency on yourself and other top-level leaders.
Improve innovation and creativity.
Improve morale or turnover issues.
Improve interviewing skills and hiring outcomes.
Improve decision-making throughout the organization.
Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.
Reduce unhealthy conflict.
Choose managers or establish selection criteria for managers.
Work from a complimentary playbook as a team of leaders.
Become more focused and strategic.
Install a framework like EOS or Rockefeller Habits.