Grow Your Business

Build the management capacity to reach new levels.

Free Your Time to Focus on the Future

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it's natural to take on many roles and responsibilities. A mantra that has likely served you well is "whatever it takes." As your business grows, it becomes necessary to share management tasks with formal and informal leaders. By sharing the load and dividing responsibilities, you'll free up more of your time and mental energy. You'll also be able to tackle more ambitious goals for your business.

By The Numbers

According to a study from EY, only 1 in 7 CEOs have the leadership skills to execute their strategy. I'll help you challenge the status quo, see where other leaders fall short, and avoid the traps that derail many entrepreneurs and small business owners. After our work, you and your team will have the tools to thrive.

60-Day Managing Togetherâ„¢ Workshop Series

Managing a business is too hard to do alone but can be too complicated to do together. Managers with conflicting styles, strategies, and tactics can lead to poor results, communication issues, and unhealthy conflict.

This innovative, four-session series will align your team of managers and get everyone rowing in the same direction. You and your team will learn to:

Promote or Hire the Right Managers

Get Comfortable Letting Go of Control

Adopt a Common Management Playbook

Strategically Divvy Up the Work

Results You'll Achieve

Over the course of our work together, you should expect to:

Reduce dependency on yourself and other top-level leaders.
Improve efficiency and operations.
Improve innovation and creativity.
Improve morale or turnover issues.
Improve decision-making throughout the organization.
Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.
Reduce unhealthy conflict.
Implement the 12 delegation strategies.
Choose managers or establish selection criteria for managers.
Improve interviewing skills and hiring outcomes.
Work from a complimentary playbook as a team of leaders.

Workshop Feedback

"Prior to this workshop, I noticed that we have high percentage of people that are stressed by uncertainty and change. This workshop solidified this observation. The good news is now we have a conversation piece and tools to help our peers with this stressor."

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Scott's Keys to Success

Scott Drake Photo Scott Drake Photo

A manager's job is to set goals, plan, organize, lead, build situational awareness, and make adjustments along the way. Managers also must be adaptable and handle uncertainty well. These are some of the core competencies to look for in managers. It's natural to want to promote top performers or longest tenured employees. But unless they are capable and trained to do these things, you're setting them up to fail.