Optimize Your Business

Reduce the friction and build a well-oiled machine.

Create a Place Where You and Your Employees Thrive

Having a well-managed business means it runs efficiently, effectively, and meets your objectives. It gets results, has high employee satisfaction, and turns customers into raving fans. It has clear systems and processes in place for operations, finance, marketing, sales, and human resources, while making room for innovation. Well-managed businesses don't happen by accident. They are a result of innovative and forward-looking leaders strategically adapting to a changing world.

By The Numbers

According to a study from Gallup, teams with engaged workers have 23% higher profit. Additionally, teams with thriving workers see significantly lower absenteeism, turnover, and accidents. They also see higher customer loyalty. Managers at every level who are better listeners, coaches, and collaborators are the key to high employee engagement.

Program Overview

My consulting programs are engineered to help you solve four core problems found in creating an optimized organization. You and your team will learn to:

Promote or Hire the Right Managers

Get Comfortable Letting Go of Control

Adopt a Common Management Playbook

Strategically Divvy Up the Work

Solutions Toolkit

Engagements are organized into 90-day chunks called epics. For each epic, we'll establish a few key areas to improve for yourself and your team. I will then design and deliver a customized mix of the following to help you achieve your goals:

Workshops & Training

One-on-One and Group Coaching

Facilitated Planning Sessions and Meetings

Developmental Plans and Roadmaps

Results You'll Achieve

Over the course of our work together, you should expect to:

Reduce dependency on yourself and other top-level leaders.
Improve innovation and creativity.
Improve morale or turnover issues.
Improve interviewing skills and hiring outcomes.
Improve decision-making throughout the organization.
Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.
Reduce unhealthy conflict.
Choose managers or establish selection criteria for managers.
Work from a complimentary playbook as a team of leaders.
Become more focused and strategic.
Install a framework like EOS or Scaling Up.

Workshop Feedback

"As someone who has been in all levels of leadership, it was nice to see all the attributes it requires. This gave me a chance to reevaluate my level of strength in each, and I plan on working towards evening out those levels."

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Scott's Keys to Success

Scott Drake Photo Scott Drake Photo

A cohesive and high-performing team of leaders works from the same playbook. Here's an exercise: Go ask the formal and informal leaders in your organization these questions. What is leadership? What can you observe in your team to know you're doing a great job as a leader? Where should you focus your energy day-to-day as a leader? If you hear a bunch of different answers, it's a sign everyone has a different playbook.