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Master Both Management and Leadership

A well-run business requires both management and leadership.

  • Management is the act of setting goals, planning, organizing resources, building situational awareness, and making adjustments along the way.
  • Leadership is working through others to get things done. There are things you need to be done, but you can't or don't want to do them yourself, so you choose to lead instead of do.

Many leadership teams adopt a management framework like EOS (from the book Traction) or Rockefeller Habits (from the book Scaling Up). These are great to help you establish routines, processes, and structures. I have used both as an executive and can help you with either.

What those frameworks lack is effective Leadership Training. They won't help you or your team think and act like empowering leaders.

Leadership training exists from companies like Ken Blanchard and FranklinCovey. But many entrepreneurs get a poor ROI and struggle to connect the dots between these programs and management frameworks.

My process is engineered to help you and your team master both management and leadership. It will also help you install systems that can be used to train future leaders.

A Two-Phase Approach

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners in 90-day blocks called epics. Building a team and getting it working well together may take 4-6 blocks or 12-18 months. The process requires training and coaching the entire team.

Phase 1: Level-Set Your Team

The goal of this phase is to get your leaders on the same page and rowing in the same direction. During this phase, your leadership team will attend a series of short, online workshops. These introduce key management concepts and foundational components you’ll use forever. Your team will also work through an assessment and scorecard to find areas of strength and areas to improve. After this phase, you and your managers will be able to:

Illustration of Aligning a Team
Illustration of Aligning a Team

Choose the Right People for Management Roles

Most management problems exist because people with the wrong aptitude or attitude were hired or promoted. I'll help you understand what managers do so you can identify, vet, and choose the right people.

Illustration of Aligning a Team
Illustration of Aligning a Team

Learn to Let Go and Empower Others

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it can be hard to delegate critical tasks and let go of how things get done. Empowering others can also hard for your managers. But your goal is to hire great people and keep them challenged. I'll help you make space for others to become the heroes of your story.

Illustration of Aligning a Team
Illustration of Aligning a Team

Adopt a Shared Management Playbook

Imagine a basketball team whose coaches all have different playbooks. Would that team be efficient, effective, or win many games? No, it would be chaos. I'll help every leader on your team understand their role and work in complimentary ways.

Illustration of Aligning a Team
Illustration of Aligning a Team

Divvy Up the Work

Every organization has a mix of sales, marketing, operations, and finance needs that must be divvied up. It also must account for strategic and tactical planning. I'll help you discover all the moving parts and ensure someone owns everything.

Phase 2: Continuous Improvement

In Phase 2, our work shifts to addressing the problems or opportunities found in Phase 1. At the beginning of each 90-day epic, we'll choose areas to improve in yourself or your team. Areas to improve include goals like:

  • Reduce dependency on yourself or other top-level leaders.
  • Choose managers or establish selection criteria for managers.
  • Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
  • Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.
  • Improve decision-making throughout organization.
  • Improve morale or turnover issues.
  • Improve innovation and creativity.
  • Improve interviewing skills and hiring outcomes.
  • Become more focused and strategic.
  • Reduce unhealthy conflict.
  • Work from a complimentary playbook as a team of leaders.
  • Install a management framework like EOS or Scaling Up.

Once goals are set, I'll recommend a development plan that we'll carry out during the period.

My deliverables take the form of:

  • Workshops and training sessions
  • One-on-one and group coaching sessions
  • Facilitated planning sessions and meetings
  • Development plans and roadmaps

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Leadership is a team sport, and your team will only go as far as your weakest player. Executives need to be strong decision-makers and empowering. Mid-level leaders need to be tacticians. Frontline leaders have the hardest job because they have to switch between doing and leading throughout the day. Many managers in small businesses work at all three levels. Thriving as a team of leaders requires right-sized training at all levels of the organization. This is why I work with your entire team of leaders.