Step Back From Your Business

Empower managers to handle the day-to-day.

Set Up Your Next Managers to Succeed

As a business owner, you have likely poured countless hours, resources, and passion over many years into building your company. While the thought of handing over day-to-day control may be daunting, assembling a competent management team can provide you with the peace of mind you need to make a smooth transition into your next adventure. A cohesive team of skilled managers can ensure that your hard work continues to thrive. It can also provide a sense of security and stability for your employees and their families.

By The Numbers

According to a study from CEB, 60-percent of new managers fail within their first two years. This is because we promote the wrong people and don't support them through the transition. Instead of top-performers or longest-tenured employees, I'll help you assess and choose people with an aptitude for managing.

Program Overview

My consulting programs are engineered to help you solve four core problems found in handing off more control to other managers. You and your team will learn to:

Promote or Hire the Right Managers

Get Comfortable Letting Go of Control

Adopt a Common Management Playbook

Strategically Divvy Up the Work

Solutions Toolkit

Engagements are organized into 90-day chunks called epics. For each epic, we'll establish a few key areas to improve for yourself and your team. I will then design and deliver a customized mix of the following to help you achieve your goals:

Workshops & Training

One-on-One and Group Coaching

Facilitated Planning Sessions and Meetings

Developmental Plans and Roadmaps

Results You'll Achieve

Over the course of our work together, you should expect to:

Reduce dependency on yourself and other top-level leaders.
Improve innovation and creativity.
Improve morale or turnover issues.
Improve interviewing skills and hiring outcomes.
Improve decision-making throughout the organization.
Reduce micromanagement and become more empowering.
Grow confidence as leaders instead of doers.
Reduce unhealthy conflict.
Choose managers or establish selection criteria for managers.
Work from a complimentary playbook as a team of leaders.
Become more focused and strategic.
Install a framework like EOS or Rockefeller Habits.

Workshop Feedback

"I really enjoyed the time to have these small group discussions with people that spanned departments and groups. We all had our own struggles and when discussing them, some of the same struggles came up which helped with bonding and the thought of being able to lean on each other."

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Scott's Keys to Success

Scott Drake Photo Scott Drake Photo

Great leaders are hero makers. They make the tough, strategic decisions, organize resources, and challenge the team to make things happen. They create space for others to get the win, even if how the team reaches a goal is different from the manager's approach. That transition from hero to hero maker is not easy, and you'll go through it every time you level up. Every transition requires detaching your ego from your old role and creating space for others to help you.